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To Coldplay,


Stop wearing those fucking uniforms, only my Beatles can pull that shit off. No, wearing those uniforms doesn’t make your fans sub-consciously liken you to The Beatles. Most of your hardcore fans probably have never heard of The Beatles but that’s another story.


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So the last two days have been pretty exciting in music land. A new-ish Radiohead track was leaked on the internet titled “These Are My Twisted Words” which can be streamed here. Details about the track are not known which leads me to theorize that a) it is a b-side from the “In Rainbows” session or b) its a part of a new EP that is coming out soon. I hope its the latter because I can always use some new Radiohead material but it will probably be the first scenario.

I am not even a huge Flaming Lips fan but the new track which was posted on pitchfork today has me excited. The new track along with the other three that were released before has me excited for October when the album officially drops.

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I usually stay away from movies like these but I want to check this out for the incredible cinematography.

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