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Another awesome package of Bollywood funk that I bought couple of years ago. Usually, bollywood compilations don’t come with a lot of information but this one is different. The album sleeves are packed with lyrics in English, movie posters and a quick summary about the movie a particular track is taken from and a bit of information about the various music directors associated with the music. For those interested, you can click on the the pictures to make them larger.


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I always wanted to upload this album along with the scans but my scanner is too small to fit the entire LP , so I just took some pictures. They didn’t turn out that great but it’s better than nothing. Qurbani is the only Bollywood LP I own and it’s probably my favorite Kalyanji-Anandji record.

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Feroz Khan Рan actor, director, producer  and a Bollywood luminary passed away at the age of 69 to cancer.

I will admit that I havent seen all of his films but I will always remember him by his two movies – Qurbani(1980) and JanBaaz(1986). Not only did he play the leading role in both the movies, he was also the director and producer. He also had quite a ear for music.The movie Qurbani (1980) was the biggest hit of his career and also launched the singing career of iconic Pakistani pop singer Nazia Hassan.


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Limited to roughly 100 copies and distributed privately by Boards of Canada themselves via their Music70 label, 1995’s Twoism successfully landed the brothers a recording contract with the highly respected indie-electronica label SKAM Recordsbocpages

The rest is history. The album was reissued in 2002.

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1 Aquarius (Version 3) (6:24)
2 Happy Cycling (7:56)
3 Olson (Version 3) (2:31)

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Geogaddi is a bit more darker and sinister than Music Has The Right To Children. Boards of Canada described this record as “a record for some sort of trial-by-fire, a claustrophobic, twisting journey that takes you into some pretty dark experiences before you reach the open air again. It has a kind of narrative.” and I definitely agree with that sentiment. The controversial nature of Geogaddi, however, has more to do with the ‘lyrical’ content of the album than with its style or context. The hidden elements (back masked vocals, voices embedded deeply into the mix, etc.), while often present in their previous output, abound in unprecedented numbers on Geogaddi. The subjects addressed in these vocal samples range anywhere from the occult to the mathematical to the possibly satanic. It is also worthy of note that the standard version of Geogaddi clocks in at 66:06. – bocpages

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I am planning on uploading the entire Boards of Canada(BOC)¬† discography on my blog and what better way to start than Music Has The Right To Children. This was the record that made me fall in love with them. BOC is one of the few groups where I celebrate their entire discography and I envy people who havent listened to BOC before because I would love to experience that feeling you get when you listen to them for the first time. It’s a feeling of whoa!!! why havent I listened to this before??? I will stop gushing now. Trust me and download this… you will thank me later.

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