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Luka and the Fire of Life

Release Date – November 16/2010 CANT WAIT!!!!

Info about the book can be found here


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Sea of Sorrows…

“The true tragedy of a routinely spent life is that its wastefulness does not become apparent till its too late.” —- Amitav Ghosh “The Hungry Tide”

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Bombay or in politically correct terms : Mumbai

Ive been wanting to write  about my India trip ever since I got back  but the thought of it being too personal has scared me a little. Maybe I will post some pictures at a later date but in the meantime I would like to say this.

I read quite a bit of Rushdie when I was in India.  I read his most recent “The Enchantress of Florence” which was decent at best. I also read some of “Haroun and the Sea of Stories” which still has me interested. However it was “Imaginary Homelands” which is a  set of essays and criticisms that resonated with me the most. Specifically two excerpts from his essay “Imaginary Homelands”  which attempts to capture my thoughts and feeling about my time in India.

“….our physical alienation from India almost inevitabley means that we will not be capable of reclaiming precisely the thing that was lost ; that we will, in short create fictions, not actual cities or villages but invisible ones, imaginary homelands, Indias of the mind.”   —- Salman Rushdie “Imaginary Homelands”.

“The Shards of memory acquired greater status, greater resonance, because they were remains ; fragmentation made trivial things seem like symbols. and the mundane acquired numinous qualities” —— SR “Imaginary Homelands”.

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