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What I missed…

Perhaps I am not destined to catch Caribou perform live.  Ive missed him twice in two years although the first time wasn’t really my fault perse.  When he came during the “Andorra” tour, I wasn’t familiar with his music. I remember going to the “Black Mountain” gig and seeing the poster for the Caribou concert. I didnt think much of it since I didnt even know who he was.  Couple of months later, after having listened  to what I would describe as a perfect discography, I was angry at myself for not having discovered him earlier because I would have definitely attended that first show back when Andorra was released.  Every time I would  watch one his youtube clips online or listen to his music, I would imagine how great it would be to experience his music live. I told myself that I wouldn’t miss him live next time. Flash forward to April 2010 when I was planning my India trip.  I knew I wanted to go to India for at-least two months (May and June) since I was going there after eight long  years ( I ended up staying there for three months ). Unfortunately the Caribou gig took place while I was India.

Now there are several things I missed while I was in India : my mom, my sister, my records,  the excitement of new music leaks etc etc but if there was one thing that I truly regret is missing that Caribou concert. I comfort myself with this clip and a hope that I can catch his show next time.


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Caribou – Sun

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Raavan (2010) – Mani Ratnam

The holy trinity of Bollywood is involved in this :

Director – Mani Ratnam

Music – A R Rahman

Lyrics – Gulzar

Enough said. The music is already blowing my mind.

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This is amazing. I wish I could play the piano. Check out his other piano covers as well.

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“Fangs” is from his last album called “The Viodist”. The whole album sounds like a long lost album from the 70’s. So obviously its not the most original album out there but it sounds really good.

check out this myspace -http://www.myspace.com/imaadw

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Caribou – Odessa (HD)

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