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Bombay or in politically correct terms : Mumbai

Ive been wanting to write  about my India trip ever since I got back  but the thought of it being too personal has scared me a little. Maybe I will post some pictures at a later date but in the meantime I would like to say this.

I read quite a bit of Rushdie when I was in India.  I read his most recent “The Enchantress of Florence” which was decent at best. I also read some of “Haroun and the Sea of Stories” which still has me interested. However it was “Imaginary Homelands” which is a  set of essays and criticisms that resonated with me the most. Specifically two excerpts from his essay “Imaginary Homelands”  which attempts to capture my thoughts and feeling about my time in India.

“….our physical alienation from India almost inevitabley means that we will not be capable of reclaiming precisely the thing that was lost ; that we will, in short create fictions, not actual cities or villages but invisible ones, imaginary homelands, Indias of the mind.”   —- Salman Rushdie “Imaginary Homelands”.

“The Shards of memory acquired greater status, greater resonance, because they were remains ; fragmentation made trivial things seem like symbols. and the mundane acquired numinous qualities” —— SR “Imaginary Homelands”.


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To Coldplay,


Stop wearing those fucking uniforms, only my Beatles can pull that shit off. No, wearing those uniforms doesn’t make your fans sub-consciously liken you to The Beatles. Most of your hardcore fans probably have never heard of The Beatles but that’s another story.

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  • Nicolas Cage was tolerable in Adaptation and Charlie Kaufman is a genius.

  • This is England had an incredible soundtrack. Need to get into some reggae and ska music.

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This is amazing…

watch the whole video.

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Here is the new trailer for the upcoming Rock Band game devoted to the best band in the world – The Beatles.

I want this game just so I could play “Here Comes The Sun” but the whole pacakage will probably set me back couple of hundreds dollars so I am not quite sure if I will be buying this. Maybe I should pick up a real guitar.

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Feroz Khan – an actor, director, producer  and a Bollywood luminary passed away at the age of 69 to cancer.

I will admit that I havent seen all of his films but I will always remember him by his two movies – Qurbani(1980) and JanBaaz(1986). Not only did he play the leading role in both the movies, he was also the director and producer. He also had quite a ear for music.The movie Qurbani (1980) was the biggest hit of his career and also launched the singing career of iconic Pakistani pop singer Nazia Hassan.


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