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After not listening to hindi music for the last couple of years, here I am posting my first bollywood album on this blog that I think everyone should hear. Why did I stop listening to hindi music?? Well, in short the reason being I was a confused soul being enamored by the likes of DJ Shadow, Radiohead and everything in between. I was just too busy discovering  new music and while doing that  listening to bollywood  music took a back seat. Well now I am back and Bollywood itself is in a state of change and Anurag Kashyap, the director of Gulaal seems to be leading the revolution. After the hyper-surrealist Black Friday and Dev D( Devdas 2.0), Gulaal is the ultimate “fuck you” to traditional hindi cinema. Anyways this post was meant to talk about the album, infact about a particular track.

Let me get this out of way, I dont even listen to this entire album. The sole purpose for posting this album is the track “Aarabh”. No other track has got me this excited in a long time. I am a huge sucker for tribal drums and this track has a plenty of that. Listen to the last 30 seconds of this track and you will know what I am talking about. It locks you into this hypnotic groove that you never wanna get out and it also makes you wanna go out and destroy shit. In fact I am in that hypnotic groove right now and forgive me if whatever I am saying doesnt make sense. Calling this track immense would be an understatement, its the ultimate call to arms song and the accompaniment of tribal drums seems natural. I am going to figure out a way to make a loop out of the last 30 seconds of that track and listen to it over and over again. Yeah I am  crazy like that.


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Here is another one of my favorite tracks from an old Bollywood movie called Qurbani (1979). The track is called Laila O Laila and is composed by Kalyanji-Anandji. The drums are what makes this track amazing. Check out the crazy drum break around the 2.30 minute mark and Zeenat Aman is pretty easy on the eyes as well. This is the only Bollywood album that I actually have on vinyl and so once I figure out how to scan the record sleeves, I will post an mp3 link for the album along with all the artwork.

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Put down everything you are doing and download this album. Is it shoegaze? dream pop? Its excellent music , thats what it is. I dont think I have heard anything as beautiful as miranda or crazy for you. The album opens with the epic “rutti” which slowly swells in to 10+ minutes of gorgeous melodies. Honestly, out of all the shoegaze bands that came out in the 1990s , Slowdive is one of the most under-rated group.

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On Return to Cookie Mountain, David frickin’ Bowie is relegated to the role of back-up singer and there is absolutely no outrage to be found. When the main focus is the pulchritudinous combination of Tunde Adebimpe’s tortured lyrics, Kyp Malone’s undying coo and David Sitek’s layers of intricate production, well, Jesus H. Christ would probably be playing the tambourine. The tenderness of “Dirty Whirl”, the raucous fun of “Wolf Like Me” and the stunted dirty beauty of “I Was a Lover” are brief and varied glimpses into what makes TV on the Radio the best band in the world – URB magazine

One of my favorite albums of all time. Nobody is doing what these guys are doing.

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Check out this 7.28 minutes of old school bollywood awesomeness. I remember watching this video when I was a little kid and now watching it again after so many years fills me up with nostalgia. The dance moves, costumes and the familiar Georgio Moroder-esque disco/funk reminds me of everything that was good about Bollywood. If I was to makes a bollywood mix, this would definitely be in there along with other Bappi Lahiri classics.

Bappi Lahiri – Tamma Tamma from the movie Thanedar (1990)

Here is the original track that Bappi Lahiri “samples” for  “Tamma Tamma”. It was recorded by Mory Kante titled Tamma Tamma (Akwaba Beach).

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