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This is one of those albums that consumes you.  It puts you in some sort of a hazy reverie that you never wanna break out of. Caribou (formerly known as Manitoba) aka Dan Snaith decides to take a complete U-turn after releasing the idm-esque “Start Breaking My Heart” in 2001. With Up In Flames, Caribou has gone for that warm pastoral sound that reminds you of your childhood and everything that was so great about it. It is an ode to 60’s psychedelic records with its  sun-kissed harmonies and warm pop melodies  where the tracks seamlessly blend into each other, where the vocals and the instruments are sometimes hard to pick apart since everything is engulfed in a hazy cocoon of awesomeness. Listen to the first two tracks from the album and you will know exactly know what I am talking about. The album has some sort of communal/summer-esqe vibe to it. You ever find yourself in a situation where you are trying to express how you feel about an album or what an album does for you but you can never find the correct words to express those feelings ? Well, I am in that type of situation when it comes to this album. So without rambling any further, I urge you check out this album, you wont be disappointed. I can almost guarantee it.


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