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01( the only decent picture I was able to take)

So I wasn’t able to stroke Kyp Malone’s majestic beard at the end of the show like I wanted to but one day it will surely happen. Dirty Projectors opened the show but if I am being honest, I didn’t really care much for them other that their drummer who pounded away at those drums. I was just anxiously waiting for TV on the Radio to get the evening rolling.

Opening with Love Dog, one of my favorite track from Dear Science, TVOTR pretty much hushed all the naysayers who argued that their sound is not transferable to a live setting. Its amazing how Tunde Adebimpe and co have mastered their live sound. They also brought in a guy for the flutes and saxophone which livened thing up for tracks like Golden Age and Red Dress. “Wolf Like Me” was performed pretty early on and that’s when something weird happened, a group of people started moshing which I totally didn’t expect at a TVOTR show. Maybe I don’t go to a lot of show and maybe I don’t know any better but I usually associate moshing with the punk genre and TVOTR certainly doesn’t belong in that genre.

I didnt bother taking pictures with the camera but I did get some pretty good video clips. Let them do the talking.


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I still can’t believe I managed to see one of my favorite bands live. They came to Edmonton right when their new album “Dear Science” leaked on the internet. So it was amazing to see some of the new songs performed live for the first time. I realize that the pictures are not the best quality but these were the best ones that I could find on my camera. My only complaint is that they didn’t bring along a live brass section with them. I pretty much lost it when they ended their performance with “Staring at the Sun”. Definitely one of the best shows I have attended.


I wasn’t able to record any video clips because I was having too much fun but I did find some clip on Youtube uploaded by naughtysauce

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If you know me personally or has seen my last.fm profile recently, you know how obsessed I am with TV on the Radio. I also have an unhealthy infatuation with Kyp Malone and his majestic beard…..sigh. Back to the point though, I had the opportunity to see them perform live last summer and it was incredible to say the least. A fellow fan might question my choice of posting this EP as opposed to the critically acclaimed album Return To Cookie Mountain but I have my reasons. In my opinion, this EP pretty much summarizes what TV on the Radio is all about.  Its incredible considering the EP does not even feature  50% of the band’s current members. You heard that right, very few people know that this EP was mainly the work of Tunde Adebimpe and David Sitek, the so called founding members of TV on the Radio. Kyp “look at my  awesome beard” Malone joined after the completion of Young Liars EP  while Jaleel Bunton(drummer) and Gerard Smith(bass) were roped in for the full length Return to Cookie Mountain. Young Liars starts with “Satellite’, a fuzzy bassline and a  military drumbeat that is an instant assault on all your senses and continues to do so till the very end of the song. TV on the Radio has a distinct  ability of  infusing a lot of guitar distortions, pedals and a plethora of effect in their tracks and still come out with a cohesive track . By the end of “satellite”, a minor flute sample which would otherwise sound garbled among all the distortion  jumps out at you and manages to form a perfect ending to the song. Moving on to the adequately named “Staring at the Sun”, it starts with a cryptic vocal  sample that seems to be from an old movie  slowly builds into a beautiful shoegazy track. The guitars are a bit quieter but the drum machine is in full effect and Tunde Adebimpe who I believe has one of the best vocal pipes in the industry croons his way through the song. The next track “Blind” is very minimal but at the same time cold, haunting and very atmospheric. I think it was best described by someone on last.fm as “a theme song  in the post apocalyptic future where robots are  hunting for human beings” – a bit pretentious but I share a similar sentiment. One of my favorite TVOTR track is young liars and I was absolutely gutted when they did not play this live back in 2008. Initially, it  gives you a feeling that the song will eventually pick up its  pace and turn in to something completely different but it evolves in to this hypnotic anthem with its amazing atmosphere and a  drum beat that sounds like a whip is being lashed in some sort of occult ritual. To conclude, Young Liars is probably one of my favorite EPs next to Boards of Canada’s “In a beautiful place out in the Country” about which I have written on this blog before. If you like this EP, check out Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes and Return To Cookie Mountain.

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